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About Ephorus

Ephorus is a text recognition system which makes use of electronically delivered documents.

At the University of Bergen Ephorus is integrated with the student support systems Kark and My Space which makes it easy for the professor or the course administrator to send all deliveries to Ephorus directly from these systems. Please note that there can only be one Ephorus administrator per course in My Space. You can also upload documents directly from within Ephorus.

Ephorus analyses the uploaded texts and compare them to texts from public internet sources and previously uploaded texts from the University of Bergen. Should any similarities be found, the uploader will be alerted by e-mail. The results will have to be assessed by the local academic staff to decide whether plagiarism is involved.

The University of Bergen has developed guidelines for students regarding the use of sources in written work. These guidelines cover source citations, referencing and plagiarism.

More about Ephorus

An Ephorus User Guide is provided. It's also available in Ephorus after login. Just click on the question mark up on the left.

Access to Ephorus

Any academic discipline at the University of Bergen may use Ephorus. As University of Bergen staff you can gain access to the system by filling out this form (login required). Once you've been registered you'll receive a confirmation e-mail from Ephorus with information on how to proceed.


Section of Information and System Administration at the Division of Student Affairs is responsible for Ephorus at the University of Bergen.