The examination archive

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The examination archive is an archive for electronic archiving of answer papers. The archive was developed by the University Library in collaboration with the archive.

It has been in use at the University Library since 2006.

The Education Committee decided that as of 1 August 2007, as a general rule, all Master's dissertations at the University of Bergen will be submitted electronically. On 15 January 2008, the Division of Student Affairs took over administration of the examination archive. Master's dissertations are submitted to the examination archive via My Space, where students deliver their Master's dissertations electronically.

Other types of assignments that are submitted via My Space and Kark can also be transferred to the examination archive if they are subject to an archive obligation. Administrators of courses on My Space and Kark must label the assignments submitted for transfer to the examination archive. Marked files will then be placed in a queue, and be transferred automatically to the examination archive the next night. Only assignments that have been assessed will be transferred.

Master's dissertations that have received a pass mark will then be transferred from the examination archive to BORA (Bergen Open Research Archive) if the author has consented to publication in BORA.

There are constant discussions as to the type of answer papers that should be filed in the examination archive. Contact: • Examination archive administration is currently performed by the Section for Academic Administration at the Division of Student Affairs. • Queries regarding access and changes can be directed to the head of the examination group,