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Norwegian - English and were phased out at the same time UiB's new external Web was launched on 4 February 2009. The English-language portals and were phased out in the spring semester of 2010.

December 2013 was moved to a new platform, Drupal.

The following information is available on Norwegian only, as the information is transferred from The Common Student System (FS)

Transfer of FS data to the external web

• What types of information are used

• Course information types

• Bachelor programme information types

• Integrated Master programme information types

• Master programme information types

• Study programme information types

• One-year programme information types

• Programme option information types

• Research training information types

• Programme description

• Course description

• Publication of study programme information

• Publication of course information

• Information types for further and continuing education

• FS data used on the page template for further and continuing education courses

• Courses

• English-language Master programmes

• Exporting education data to