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Authoritative information! The content of this page is validated by the IT department at the University of Bergen..

Important information to UiB users who wish to purchase iPhone

Before ordering an iPhone via UiB’s purchase agreement, the following information must be read and accepted.

The iPhone shall 'NOT 'be connected and activated on client computers (with Windows, Mac or Linux) which are set up and run by the UiB IT department.

Prices and subscriptions

All prices are net prices after discount and excl. VAT

Buying an iPhone requires a 24-month minimum term contract. If the contract should be broken before 24 months, there is a NOK 1500.- cancellation fee.

Purchase the iPhone 3GS causes you to have two subscriptions with NetCom.

Ordinary subscription and a data subscription

Ordinary subscription: “Trådløs Bedrift Express Basic” for ordinary GSM traffic cost

NOK 19,90 per month.

Data subscription: Using iPhone 3GS normally means a higher amount of downloaded data. Therefore a data subscription (“NetCom Connect”) is also needed.

“Connect Premium” data subscription cost NOK 99.- per month. (Normally NOK 399.-)

With this subscription you can be online as much you want to without extra cost.

We emphasize that all additional services outlined above are limited to data usage in Norway, and that other, far higher prices, apply to (“roaming”) data usage outside Norway.

Call prices is unchanged in relation to UiB’s usual agreement prices. (0,24 pr. Minute)

To achieve the prices at the terms specified here, the iPhone and subscription must be ordered through UiB’s IT department.

The existing agreement is not available for private purchases.

Service and support of the iPhone

As mention before - the iPhone shall not be connected and activated on client computers (with Windows, Mac or Linux), which are set up and run by the UiB IT department.

Users with a “UiB iPhone” must have a private computer available, which is not run by the IT department, and has iTunes installed. This computer must be used to activate the iPhone before use. Firmware updates must also be done by the user on a private computer.

The IT department does not assist in activation or updating the iPhone.

Any purchase of downloadable software, music etc to an iPhone ordered through the UiB IT department, must be done on a private computer, and be paid privately.

The IT department offers no services or support to such activities, and shall have no dealings with such matters.

The IT department has available written instructions for setting the iPhone up to communicate with UiBs email and calendar services, and UiB wireless networks (where available). When the iPhone is set up according to the instructions, it may be synchronized with the UiB email and calendar services via a cell phone network or a wireless Internet connection.

In case of problems or errors with the iPhone, the IT department can do basic trouble shooting, potentially a hardware reset (full roll-back to original settings), and, if hardware error is detected, sending the iPhone to approved service personnel.

If the latter should be necessary, the IT department cannot provide a cell phone of the same type of phone to loan while the iPhone is being repaired/replaced.

The IT department does not offer any help with installation, configuration or use of the iPhone except for what is specified here.